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90-min Spiritual Clarity Session

Virtual One-To-One Coaching Call

꩜ Guided Meditation

꩜ One-To-One Coaching

Tarot or Oracle Reading

꩜ Coaching exercises for Clarity

꩜ Access to session recording




The 90min Spiritual Clarity Session is a unique one-off reading experience that helps bring clarity and guidance into any area within your life.


The session combines a tarot reading with life coaching techniques to assist on diving deeper into the reading.   The session will include a guided meditation to cultivate further insights into any subconscious workings that comes up during the reading.


The session will provide tools to help you access your subconscious and move forward with confidence on your life journey.

Louisa, N. Ireland

Katrina created a safe space for the sessions where I felt free and able to express my worries and concerns. She was exceedingly supportive and instrumental in recent, huge, positive changes I have now made in my life. I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone who is looking for constructive coaching

Jordan, N. Ireland

Katrina did an amazing job prompting me to find my passions, and helping me to effectively plan how to achieve what I want most!

Jennifer, N. Ireland

Katrina is a great listener, she used skills of reflecting and summarising which made me feel heard and understood.  She has a great way of holding the space which allowed me to self-reflect and understand my feelings and behaviours.  Her empathy really shines through, and I felt lighter in her presence


For more information or any enquiries please feel free to get in touch!

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