Residue, 2016
Forget me not, 2015
Looking Glass, 2014
Between Frames, 2014.

Katrina Sheena Smyth is an artist and Ph.D. candidate in Fine Art at Ulster University, Belfast (2017-2020), a co-directing member of Ulster Research Salon; Art Research Matters (research/reading group) and a co-founding editor (2019) of Intersections, UU Postgraduate Research Journal.  With focus on esoteric and meditation practice, they are interested in exploring ways of decentring the ‘artist’, following flat ontological relations with language, image, sound and performance, in attempting to find more ethical and collaboratively unexpected ways of making.  Their current research practice studies artistic processes and creative agency that resonate non-binary and non-representational methodologies of knowledge co-creation, inspired by Zen meditation practice and New Materialist theory. 

Recent presentations of work include, Slow_listening, _moving, _being with academia, NMC19, Western Cape University, South Africa (2019); Escaping now, ICQI, University of Illinois, USA (2019); Capturing Schrödinger’s Cat, PGR Conference, Queens University, Belfast, NI (2018).  Their artworks have been exhibited at, CCA (Derry-Londonderry), BOUNCE Arts Festival (Belfast) LIVESTOCK (Dublin), R-Space Gallery (Lisburn), Shri Kali Ashram (Goa), ]Performance s p a c e [ (London), turn-berlin Gallery (Berlin).  Recent awards include: DfE Ph.D. Scholarship Award (2017), ACNI General Arts Award (2016), Career Enhancement Programme; Golden Thread Gallery and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (2015).


Art & Design Research Institute
University of Ulster
Room BA 04-003B
25 - 51 York Street
BT15 1ED


"I Stepped Out And She Stepped In Again", 2018. Group Performance with Elaine McGinn, Elvira Santamarìa, Jayne Cherry & Siobhán Mullen, University of Atypical. (image by Paul Moore)